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Special Occasion...

Whether you are interested in hosting a wedding, corporate event, or a fine-food tasting, Waleffe offers a variety of different options to accommodate your needs in order to assure a memorable and unique experience.


We can offer you several different environments and combinations, based on your needs and preferences. Possibility of having up to 250 guests for cocktail.


Possibility of having DJ booth, photographer, lighting, caterer and a beautiful extension on the porch with a lovely view of the park in all areas



main floor

SPACE: about 160m2


 a TOTAL of 110 seated guests

 Possibility of having more guests for cocktails and standing buffet dinners.

Chinese living  - 40 seated guests

Dining room    - 30 seated guests

Grand hall        - 40 seated guests

Traditional Kitchens

These quarters will remind you the ambiance of “Downtown abbey”. It could be an ideal place for an informal small group gathering or a family reunion

SPACE: about 140m2


 a TOTAL of  100 seated guests

 Possibility of having more guests for cocktails and standing buffet dinners.

Grand kitchen - 40 seated guests

Bread ovens room - 30 seated guests

Domestic quarters - 40 seated guests


The Tower

The tower offers a combination of 3 rooms plus sanitary, kitchen with street access, separate parking , private yard and separate access from the castle. Can be rented separately or in combination with the castle.

The main one room of 144 m2 called "the barn" can host up to a 150 guests sitting on round tables and many more standing.

The next room called the "sellerie" can host up to 80 guests or can be used as dance floor, bar, buffet, etc.

The room upstairs called "Salon Claudio" can host 80 guests as well and is often used as a quieter place when the party is going on downstairs.

Possibility of having more guests for cocktails and standing buffet dinners.

The Gardens

Several acres available for additional rented tents or open air reception for up to 1500 guests


Within the walls of the multi-centennial garden blossoms the project of "le Charme d’Adam", a living laboratory that seeks to explore nature and its principles related to the health of self, community and ecology.

Through visits or internships at the site, you will learn both the theory and practice of activities such as permaculture, eco-construction, and herbalism. These exemplify the union of the ancient wisdoms and contemporary science which allows plants and humans to flourish in harmony with their environment.


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